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At Mashable, ‘Don’t Read Like a Poet’ February 10, 2015: Mashable’s “Why are poets’ voices so insufferably annoying” is not for the faint of heart but it is a good read. Matt Petronzio’s article about the origins of [...] by

This Just In: Poets Have Twitter Accounts & Will Use Them Occasionally Throughout April March 31, 2014: We’re not the only ones gearing up for National Poetry Month (naturally): Twitter is also getting in the game. Mashable has rounded up 38 poets you should follow during cruel April. [...] by

Youth Speaks Poets Present Their Words and Instagrams for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 22, 2014: From the team at Mashable, we bring you this excellent story about Bay Area nonprofit, Youth Speaks, and a performance by its poets on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Nearly 1,500 people gathered in San [...] by

Vive Le Booktrack September 12, 2013: Speaking of e-books… this just in from Mashable: If you listen to music while you read, chances are the sounds and words don’t match up. But what if you could use one to augment the [...] by