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Mathias Svalina’s Dream Delivery Service January 6, 2017: Emily Litvak writes about “the guy with the dreams,” also known as Mathias Svalina, for U. of Arizona’s Poetry Center blog. Svalina was in Tucson on a leg of his Dream Delivery [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 5: LulzPo, Avant-Comic, YA Poetry Mix-Tape May 1, 2015: With a tip of the hat to Elaine Kahn and her mix-tape posts on Harriet, here’s a mix-tape of some of my favorite comic poems. I’m calling these selections LulzPo, or avant-comic, and YA [...] by

New Coldfront Chap Nook June 1, 2012: Chap Nook 7 is up over at Coldfront, with reviews of New Year’s Day by Genya Turovskaya, Route by Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina, and The Odyssey by Matthew Zapruder. Go on now, check them out. [...] by

“There was love in the air; we drank from it like hordes of bats.”: An Interview with Mathias Svalina March 6, 2012: Nick Sturm conducted this interview with Mathias Svalina over at Bookslut. Here’s how it opens, with Mathias explaining his first encounters with poetry and his beginnings as a writer, a very [...] by