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The Brother September 3, 2014: [Note: Each month we feature a guest post from a contributor to Poetry’s current issue. francine j. harris’s “enough food and a mom” appears in the September 2014 issue. Previous posts in [...] by

A Week in Paradise: Portland’s Poetry Press Week November 6, 2013: Portland, Oregon kicks off its first-ever Poetry Press Week this Thursday with readings of new work by Matthew Dickman, Carl Adamshick, Britta Ameel, Zachary Schomburg, and Ashley Toliver. According [...] by

Octopus Books and Tin House Join Forces December 14, 2012: Remember last month when we announced the mutual buy-out between Octopus Books and Poor Claudia? Well, looks like Octopus Books has its sticky tentacles in more than one tryst! Tin House and Octopus [...] by

Matthew Dickman Wants You to Help Him Advocate for Poetry October 17, 2012: Matthew Dickman wrote this piece for Tin House. In it, he states: poetry has always advocated for us. Beyond the more secular creation of publishing houses and prize money, poetry has only ever [...] by

G.M. Palmer Says Matthew Dickman’s Latest Book ‘ultimately reads like a book of therapy, not poetry’ October 15, 2012: Today in lacerating poetry reviews: at the Contemporary Poetry Review, G.M. Palmer takes Matthew Dickman to task for his recent book, Mayakovsky’s Revolver, which is doing pretty well on our [...] by

Matthew Dickman Reviews Andrea Rexilius June 21, 2012: Hop on over to Tin House to read Matthew Dickman’s review of Andrea Rexilius’s Half of What They Carried Flew Away, available from Letter Machine Editions. Here’s a snippet: Jack [...] by