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Sadness as a Language for Other Readers March 24, 2016: In The New Yorker this morning, Haley Mlotek considers confessional writing by women, with a look at Melissa Broder’s new book of essays, So Sad Today. Mlotek weaves in a lot of writers and [...] by

Melissa Broder Featured at ELLE Magazine March 15, 2016: ELLE Magazine’s Whitney Joiner wants to know why Melissa Broder is so sad today? All right! “Her diamond navel piercing is endearingly anachronistic for 2016, but somehow fits a grown [...] by

What To Do When Your Twitter Handle is a Success? @SoSadToday’s True Identity Revealed! May 20, 2015: Hint: it is NOT Andrew Motion. In fact, it is Melissa Broder, who has been wo-manning the popular Twitter handle since 2012. As Rolling Stone writes, the un-masking is due, in part, to her collection [...] by

Poets Respond to Questions Around Consumerism for ‘QVC 2’ at Lemon Hound August 20, 2014: For Lemon Hound, Ben Fama curated a group of responses, in 150 words, regarding “something they’d recently bought, bought into, invested themselves in, or otherwise consumed, a brief and [...] by

In the Theater of the Urban: Melissa Broder’s Scarecrone August 6, 2014: Monica McClure reviews Melissa Broder’s Scarecrone (Publishing Genius Press 2014) for Emily Books! McClure places herself, and her reading, in the determinate Los Angeles future: “Now [...] by

HuffPo Presents Eight Emerging Poets and Fiction Writers June 6, 2014: Just in case you haven’t yet found your way over to the Huffington Post to discover 8 fantastic emerging poets and fiction writers, take a moment out of your Friday and do so! Anis Shivani [...] by

Poetry Crush Presents: Every Day is Valentine’s! February 12, 2014: Poetry Crush’s sweethearts have culled together a quite lovely collection of good tidings for the biggest of hearts this Valentine’s Day. Volume I includes poems by Shane McCrae, Hannah [...] by

I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET… September 13, 2012: …is the title of Sophia Le Fraga’s new chapbook, and Melissa Broder provides a fab review of said book over at HTMLGiant. She begins her review with a description/warning which we love: [...] by

‘I want every fantasy to sustain itself forever’: Melissa Broder on Baudelaire’s Banned Les Fleurs du Mal September 10, 2012: In honor of PEN American’s Banned Books Month, the Daily Pen American blog has “reached out to writers, editors, literary illuminati, and PEN staff to write about the banned books that [...] by