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Ian Dreiblatt Continues Trump’s Eloquent Tribute to Frederick Douglass February 2, 2017: For Melville House’s Moby Lives, poet and translator Ian Dreiblatt covers Trump’s “little breakfast” yesterday, at which it was revealed he knew not a) how to construct a [...] by

Chicago Review’s New Gender Forum Sparks Interest in Collectively Authored ‘No Manifesto’ May 22, 2015: Over at The Message, Paul Ford highlights a recent publication, the “No Manifesto for Poetry Readings and Listservs and Magazines and ‘Open Versatile Spaces Where Cultural Production [...] by

Celebrating the Centennial of Thomas Merton January 28, 2015: Events to celebrate the life of poet and mystic Thomas Merton are being planned worldwide, reports Melville House, to mark his centennial this month. Claire Kelley writes: Last week at the Brooklyn [...] by

Walt Whitman’s Specimen Days January 12, 2015: This week, Slate presents an excerpt from Leslie Jamison’s introduction to Walt Whitman’s Specimen Days and Collect, published by Melville House in November 2014. From Slate: What is [...] by

Amazongate: Melville House Says ‘We Don’t Need No Pots and Pans’ October 31, 2014: It’s on! In a recent report on the Melville House blog, MHP recaps Amazon’s plans to open a new pop-up warehouse in Manhattan, across from the Empire State Building, just in time for the [...] by

Mina Loy’s Only Novel, Insel, Reviewed at The Wall Street Journal May 20, 2014: “Forty-eight years after her death, the mysterious Mina Loy continues to emerge as if from a Modernist mist,” writes Martin Riker for The Wall Street Journal in a new review of Mina [...] by

‘The author is an a**hle’: Goodreads Bans Behavior-based Comments September 25, 2013: We awoke today to find that Goodreads, the site dedicated to community book reviews, has changed its terms of service and deleted comments focused on author behavior. And what sort of behavior, pray [...] by

On the New Penguin Random House July 3, 2013: We’d be remiss to miss this huge merger (ahem)–first announced October 29, 2012–Random House and Penguin have officially become one, as of yesterday. The new publishing giant will [...] by

Who killed Pablo Neruda? June 4, 2013: This just in, from our friends at Melville House: on Saturday, a Chilean judge ordered police to start looking for one man, who may have killed Pablo Neruda. This command is the culmination of a [...] by