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Camille Henrot’s Linguistically Rich Hotline Show January 20, 2016: French artist Camille Henrot worked with poet Jacob Bromberg to create scripts for her “linguistically rich and playful” solo show at Metro Pictures gallery–Camille Henrot, 2015 [...] by

Interviewing the Founders of Music & Literature June 23, 2014: No, not that music and literature. This Music & Literature. Michael Barron of New Directions interviews the founding editors–Taylor Davis-Van Atta and Daniel Medin–after a successful [...] by

How to Take Care of a Really Cool Book Jacket May 16, 2013: …like those ones that are on books published by New Directions… Oh wait! Here’s one! Our friends over at BOMBLOG, recently posted a fantastic conversation between Michael Barron [...] by

Poets on vinyl! May 13, 2011: Just announced: a new record label for poets! If you’ve wondered whither went Baltimore’s Narrow House Recordings or have held tightly to your 7” of Edmund Berrigan’s first I Feel Tractor [...] by