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At Entropy: Jen Hofer Comments on Marjorie Perloff’s Recent Public Remarks December 21, 2015: In a piece titled “If You Hear Something Say Something, Or If You’re Not At The Table You’re On The Menu,” at Entropy: Jen Hofer presents some transcribed remarks made by Marjorie [...] by

Kenny Goldsmith in The New Yorker: ‘An artist’s right to make a mistake is much more sacred than anyone’s feelings’ September 28, 2015: A piece in the October 5 issue of The New Yorker looks at Kenneth Goldsmith’s recent “challenging behavior.” “Goldsmith, who is fifty-four, likes pranks and provocations and [...] by

Reflections on the Year of Michael Brown August 12, 2015: Fiction writer and Apogee editor Zinzi Clemmons has solicited a collection of short essays for Literary Hub, reflecting on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the year since Michael Brown’s death, [...] by

Kenneth Goldsmith Says He Is an Outlaw June 1, 2015: To be a black man in the United States of America is to be in a constant state of war and I am tired, I’m just so tired of the war. White people want me to be dangerous, scary or sexy, they never [...] by

The Whitest Boy Alive: Witnessing Kenneth Goldsmith May 18, 2015: “There are times when scandal feels like the sun that race revolves around.” –The Racial Imaginary “The white writer feels injured in this moment—misunderstood and wounded—and believes it [...] by

Responses to Kenny Goldsmith’s The Body of Michael Brown March 17, 2015: A fragmented but informative report on the reaction to Kenneth Goldsmith’s recent reading of Michael Brown’s autopsy, positioned as a new performance for Brown University’s [...] by

Black Lives Matter: A Roundup of Worthy Reads November 25, 2014: In the wake of the Michael Brown grand jury non-indictment, this poetry-news day is a slow one. Or is it? Some links we feel might be worth a moment of your time: 1. Audre Lorde’s [...] by