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Notes for National Corpse Month, Part Six April 30, 2015: I became the corpse, because—and then, it floats away again. —Alice Notley, In the Pines recall, translucent and disposable, the remaining corpses. —Roberto Tejada, Lost Continent And one day [...] by

Flavorwire Picks Favorite Forthcoming Poetry Books January 14, 2015: Flavorwire gives us their most anticipated poetry books of 2015! Writer Jonathon Sturgeon smartly starts with the re-release of Mina Loy’s poems, The Lost Lunar Baedeker, which has been out of [...] by

Mina Loy’s Only Novel, Insel, Reviewed at The Wall Street Journal May 20, 2014: “Forty-eight years after her death, the mysterious Mina Loy continues to emerge as if from a Modernist mist,” writes Martin Riker for The Wall Street Journal in a new review of Mina [...] by

On Not Being Poetry’s Daddy: Marianne Morris in Conversation (Part 2 of 2) May 2, 2014: This is Part 2 of my conversation with Marianne Morris (part 1 is here). We discuss Cambridge (where Marianne went to undergraduate and graduate school), Marianne’s writing practice, Chinese [...] by

Here Comes Poetry Crush’s 3rd Annual Halloween Special Issue: 10 Dead Poets (I Would Fu*k) October 31, 2013: After reading this year’s Poetry Crush run-down, you’ll likely want to call SOMEBODY your boo. Mina Loy, for example. 3) Mina Loy by Todd Colby I don’t know that I’d actually like to [...] by

Issues 1 & 2 of The Blindman at Excursus Archive March 27, 2013: We don’t have a good excuse for why it’s taken us so long to learn about the Excursus Archive. True, much of this archival material is more art than poetry-related, but they’ve [...] by

CAConrad wants you to watch this witch dance and do these somatic poetry exercies June 29, 2010: CA Conrad offers this somatic poetry exercise, inspired by Mina Loy, Mary Wigman and Maria Raha. DAY ONE: As a preliminary, read the Loy quote aloud, then immediately watch Mary Wigman’s 1914 [...] by