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How to Distinguish a Literary Scholar From a Literary Blogger? July 7, 2016: Jeanne-Marie Jackson wonders about the public intellectual today, when “most academics working in the humanities prefer the posture of reaching out to the public, ‘applying’ their [...] by

At N+1: The Comings & Goings of U.S. State Department Poets December 14, 2015: In N+1′s current issue (online only), Juliana Spahr and C.O. Grossman collaborate on “The Lives of the Most Eminent State Department Poets.” “[C]omposed of language we found in the [...] by

Kirill Medvedev Rocks Creative Time Reports May 12, 2014: Wow! Amazing poetry at Creative Time Reports! Kirill Medvedev shares his poem “Comrade Kots,” so called after the FSB’s (Russia’s secret police) nickname for him, after the [...] by

What the Editors of N+1 are Reading March 19, 2014: Awful lot of writing by women here… good work gang! Keep it up! Just yesterday, at N+1— I finished Janet Malcolm’s The Silent Woman—her biography of Sylvia Plath—four weeks ago, and [...] by

It’s All Good: Jacket Copy Put Your Name on the List February 24, 2014: In her book review at the Los Angeles Times, Carolyn Kellogg considers a new book published by renegade literary outlet, N+1, ruminating on the difference between living in New York and attending an [...] by

Free Verse Was Doubly Forbidden: Kirill Medvedev Provokes on Behalf of ‘Pussy Riot’ October 1, 2013: Robert Baird of the New Yorker documents Kirill Medvedev’s conflict with police at Pussy Riot’s pre-trial hearing: One bright April day last year, the Russian poet Kirill Medvedev visited [...] by

La Vie Bohème August 8, 2013: The Atlantic recently posted a brilliant critique (from Garance Franke-Ruta) of a recent n+1 article lamenting the perceived disappearance of income and prestige for artists in a modern, highly [...] by

Read Excerpts from Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good December 28, 2012: So worth a read: Four poems at n+1 from It’s No Good, a new book out from n+1 and Ugly Duckling Presse by contemporary Russian poet, translator, political activist and essayist Kirill Medvedev, [...] by

MFA vs. NYC vs. Everybody calm down November 30, 2010: Slate has excerpted Chad Harbach’s n+1 essay on MFA programs and NYC literary culture to no small amount of hoopla. Like a good fight promoter, Harbach knows what will get his audience riled up [...] by