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    By Cathy Park Hong

    [Editor's note: This month the Collected Poems of Adrienne Rich will be published by W.W. Norton & Company. To celebrate the occasion we're re-running Cathy Park Hong's "Memories and Thoughts...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Annie Finch

    Poetry has always been about time for me, and perhaps because of that—perhaps because I wanted to understand time from a place outside it—it's felt timeless.  I started writing poems...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Stephanie Burt

    So this morning I promised that my last post here would say something about Marisa Crawford's rather amazing book The Haunted House, which I picked up a few months ago...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Sina Queyras

    The art of losing isn't hard to master. Is it? Is it easy to face the losses? The defeats? The nominations?  Or worse, lack of nomination and defeat? Let's face...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Garrett Caples

    At a library book sale recently, I came across a copy of the 1925 Macmillan edition of the Collected Poems of Vachel Lindsay, with illustrations by the author, for a...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Craig Santos Perez

    Since this will be my last post for Harriet, I want to first thank all the good folks at the Poetry Foundation for sharing their space with me for National...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Kenneth Goldsmith

    Conceptual writing and concrete poetry have a lot in common: both are / were international movements and both are / were based on the premise of not reading. By employing...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Amber Tamblyn

    In honor of all things brave and vulnerable—all things poetic—I am sharing this exchange with you now.  Thanks for the amazing month. On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 6:36 PM, Amber...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Craig Santos Perez

    It's always exciting to me when poets actively engage in politics. I respect poets who are finding new and creative ways to address politics in their poetry (symbolic engagement); and...

  • Featured Blogger
    By Rachel Zucker

    And here is what he said: I love his answer, even though I don't agree with all of it. I love his confidence that all poems tell stories, that poems have...

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