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Nikki Wallschlaeger Visits Rumpus Poetry Book Club June 15, 2017: Poet Nikki Wallschlaeger meets with Brian Spears and the Rumpus Poetry Book Club to discuss her investment in the sonnet form, especially in her new poetry collection, Crawlspace. The Rumpus’s [...] by

Nikki Wallschlaeger Interviewed at Apogee October 11, 2016: Up just yesterday at Apogee is an interview with Nikki Wallschlaeger, which centers around her poem “This Body Keeps the Keys” from Apogee 7. Muriel Leung asks Wallschlaeger about the [...] by

Chapbooks Host Poetic Engagements with Visual Culture May 20, 2016: At Entropy, Toby Altman reviews four poetry chapbooks that foreground visual elements: I Hate Telling You How I Really Feel, by Nikki Wallschlaeger, Mike Lala’s In the Gun Cabinet, The Book of [...] by

At CCM-Entropy Nikki Wallschlaeger Discusses Her Current Project, Crawlspace, Charles Mingus, Lucille Clifton, and More February 23, 2016: For CCM-Entropy’s “YOU MAKE ME FEEL #13” Nikki Wallschlaeger speaks with Gina Abelkop about current literary endeavors, the music that inspires her, the literature that’s most [...] by

The Best Best Poetry of 2015 Lists of the Week December 11, 2015: The lists are coming…Manohla Dargis even quoted Umberto Eco, noting that “[w]e like lists because we don’t want to die.” Can’t argue with that! Here are the best Best Poetry [...] by

Talking About What We Don’t Talk About: Roundtable with Eunsong Kim, Amy King, Lucas de Lima, Hoa Nguyen, Héctor Ramírez, Metta Sáma, Nikki Wallschlaeger August 31, 2015: Poetry, Careerism & Institutions: These concepts are often talked about but usually behind closed doors. The writers in this roundtable haven’t necessarily reached solutions or [...] by

Call and Response: The Gifts of Women Poets (Part 1) August 25, 2015: “When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.” —Audre Lorde While I am very much a fan of recovery [...] by

(Soma)tic Reading Enhancements INSTALLMENT #1 June 4, 2015: A thousand different readers of a poem make a thousand different poems. The creativity in the reading percolates through the same membrane as the writing. (Soma)tic reading enhancements like [...] by

Kenneth Goldsmith Says He Is an Outlaw June 1, 2015: To be a black man in the United States of America is to be in a constant state of war and I am tired, I’m just so tired of the war. White people want me to be dangerous, scary or sexy, they never [...] by