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Sherman Alexie Discusses His New Memoir on Fresh Air June 22, 2017: Sherman Alexie was on NPR’s Fresh Air this week talking about his new memoir, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. Alexie told Terri Gross that “there was more going on in Native [...] by

NPR Remembers Gwendolyn Brooks May 31, 2017: Like many who are celebrating Gwendolyn Brooks’s centenary next month, NPR’s Karen Grigsby Bates takes a moment to remember the great poet. Grigsby Bates focuses on the generosity Brooks [...] by

On Morning Edition, Rachel Martin Interviews Kwame Alexander March 21, 2017: In his new children’s book, Out of Wonder, Kwame Alexander teams up with Chris Colderley, Marjory Wentworth, and Ekua Holmes to tell the stories of twenty compelling poets through mesmerizing [...] by

Poetry Workshops to Invigorate the Soul February 24, 2017: In a poetry workshop at the Culver City Senior Center, Janet Hoult is teaching resident writers about expression and compassion, by engaging her students with the writing process. Although [...] by

NPR’s Craig Morgan Teicher Heralds a New Year in Poetry February 9, 2017: At NPR, Craig Morgan Teicher leads readers to this year’s most anticipated poetry collections. Looking at new writing from Danez Smith, to Marie Howe’s Magdalene, Teicher believes [...] by

At 100, Henry Morgenthau III Turns to Poetry to Establish His Own Identity January 17, 2017: Morgenthau joins NPR’s Scott Simon to discuss the publication of his first poetry collection, Sunday in Purgatory, which arrives on bookshelves as Morgenthau turns 100. (He began to write [...] by

Capturing the Memory of a Fading Homeland Through Poetry January 16, 2017: NPR’s Alice Fordham travels to Cambridge to meet Nineb Lamassu, a researcher who is studying the traditional epic poetry of the Assyrian empire, which spread into what is now Northern Iraq. At [...] by

Jim Jarmusch Discusses Paterson at NPR December 30, 2016: Jim Jarmusch’s new movie, Paterson pays tribute to two of the director’s favorite subjects: poetry and cities. Jarmusch’s Paterson is based on the epic poem by William Carlos [...] by

Billy Collins Gives Advice, Live, to His Fans December 16, 2016: “For NPR fans, Billy Collins needs no introduction,” writes Camilla Domonoske for NPR. But for you Harriet readers, we should say that Billy Collins is an American poet–former U.S. [...] by

On ‘Making a Thing Out of Language’: Anne Carson Visits NPR October 25, 2016: Float is the title of Anne Carson’s newest poetry collection: so-called because it is a group of chapbooks that “float” inside a clear plastic box. On Weekend Edition Saturday Anne [...] by