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A Look at Lyn Hejinian’s The Unfollowing November 9, 2016: Up this week at Jacket2, Tim Wood takes a look into Lyn Hejinian’s latest book, The Unfollowing (Omnidawn, 2016). Where Hejinian and publisher Rusty Morrison push against reading the 14 line [...] by

This Summer: Let’s Go Back to Cool with Omnidawn Publishing May 26, 2015: This summer Omnidawn Publishing presents “Prosody & Revision:” an online workshop lead by David Koehn. The workshop is based on Donald Justice’s teachings on prosody and is a [...] by

RIP Richard O. Moore March 26, 2015: From Garrett Caples at the City Lights blog, we learned the very sad news today of the death of Richard O. Moore at the age of 95. Moore was a pioneering television broadcaster with a long-time [...] by

Greet a New Day with Omnidawn Publishing November 18, 2014: How many of your favorite books are published by Omnidawn? We can think of several. From now until the end of the year, Omnidawn is raising funds in order to continue publishing more of the great [...] by

Emily Wolahan Reviews Gillian Conoley’s Peace at CSU Center for Literary Publishing November 13, 2014: Can’t wait to get our hands on this one! Courtesy of Colorado State University’s Center for Literary Publishing, a lovely review of Gillian Conoley’s newest book of poems Peace, [...] by

Donald Revell on Barbara Guest’s ‘The Location of Things’ September 5, 2014: At the Omnidawn blog, Donald Revell revisits the work of Barbara Guest–and the “exceptionalism,” in particular, that he finds there. “Wherever the eye alights, the accent [...] by

Karinne Keithley Syers Reviews Julie Carr’s Electric Fifth Book July 24, 2014: Polymath Karinne Keithley Syers reviewed Julie Carr’s fifth book of poetry, Rag (Omnidawn 2014) for Boston Review! Tyrone Williams has writ of the prophetic Rag that “the twin towers of [...] by

Omnidawn Breaks the Sound Barrier for BAX May 30, 2014: Well said, Omnidawn! Seth Abramson’s poem re-mixing the words of Elliot Rodger has ruffled more than a few feathers, since he published it over at Huffington Post. The editors of Omnidawn [...] by

The Lyrical Nuance of Lynn Xu’s Debts & Lessons January 14, 2014: Lynn Xu’s debut collection, Debts & Lessons, is reviewed by the trusty rob mclennan at Galatea Resurrects. In it, “Xu composes poems of heartfelt, gentle knowing and small [...] by

On George Albon’s Aspiration, a Radical Essay in the Form of a Book September 9, 2013: It’s hard to keep track of the impressive content at The Volta, so we are here to help. Did you know that there’s a Volta blog? That is, in effect, a “reviews-based [...] by