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Rosmarie Waldrop on Translation: ‘The destruction is serious’ January 3, 2017: A new issue of OmniVerse is out, and features (among much else) an essay by Rosmarie Waldrop on translation, “The Joy of the Demiurge.” Originally published in 2005’s Dissonance (if [...] by

Ominverse Presents First of Three Essays on the ‘Poetics of Drought’ December 8, 2016: Last year’s AWP in Los Angeles was host to Kristin George Bagdanov’s panel, “Poetics of Drought,” the purpose of which was “to imagine how poetry might help us engage [...] by

At OmniVerse: Keith Waldrop’s Collage Work September 15, 2015: At OmniVerse, “A Matter of Collage,” by Keith Waldrop, originally printed in Several Gravities (Siglio Press, 2009). The piece is luminous for those interested in collage as composition. [...] by

Reading Bernadette Mayer’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Sonnets August 5, 2015: A review of the 25th anniversary edition of Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnets (Tender Buttons Press 2014) is up at Omniverse, with a clever (and meaningful!) angle: reviewer RJ Ingram read the book [...] by

Mary Hickman and Lisa Wells Converse at Omniverse May 4, 2015: This month at OmniVerse, Lisa Wells interviews Mary Hickman. They talk about Hickman’s poetry, heart surgery, flesh and painting, Frankenstein, and the spiritual. Because we’re always [...] by

At Omniverse: Norma Cole on The Case, Duchamp’s Delay, Distraction July 3, 2014: The amazing Norma Cole adapted a talk she gave on distraction in March, and they’ve posted it on Omniverse. She starts by talking about “that wonderful essay by Robert Creeley, ‘Was [...] by

a closed parenthesis, and what it opens in us April 7, 2014: I’m in the Cincinnati, away from the SF bay area for a week, and I just learned about Colleen Lookingbill’s death from many friends’ emails, from Facebook posts, and from Kevin Killian’s [...] by

OmniVerse Becomes ZombieVerse! January 3, 2014: The editors over at OmniVerse are bringing out the (living)dead for this month’s issue that “features works revived from lost and out-of-print publications, curated by RJ Ingram.” [...] by

Forrest Gander Video-Poems at OmniVerse September 3, 2013: The latest and the greatest from OmniVerse just hit your internet-newsstand with poems by Lisa Fishman, Brian Mornar, and Noah Eli Gordon, along with an interview with Andrew Zawacki. And if that [...] by

OmniVerse Reviews the CUNY Chapbook Festival July 2, 2013: OmniVerse blogged enthusiastically about the recent New York City CUNY Chapbook Festival–which took place in early May–mentioning Simone White, Elaine Kahn, Mónica de la Torre, The Song [...] by