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  • Featured Blogger
    By Uche Nduka

    To be a poet in capitalistic America is a rebellious act. When it comes to manifestos, I change the subject. Does the poem care...

  • Open Door
    By Vanessa Place

    Who: Kenneth Goldsmith What: The White House Poetry Reading When: Wendesday, May 11, 2011 Where: Washington D.C. “Open Door” features audio, video, and online media to document dynamic...

  • Open Door
    By Nicole Mauro

    Who: Elijah Meeks, with Peter Chan and the AIMS project What: Robert Creeley’s Digital Correspondence Maps When: Ongoing Where: Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. “Open Door” features audio,...

  • Open Door
    By Anthony McCann

    Who: Primož Čučnik, Ana Pepelnik, Gregor Podlogar, and Tomaž Grom What: "At the Word with Voice and Sound" When: November, 2010 Where: Klub Gromka: Ljubljana, Slovenia “Open Door”...

  • Open Door
    By David Shook

    Who: Tucker Neel, Mathew Timmons, and the Archanoids What: 323 Projects When: December, 2010 Where: François Ghebaly Gallery in Culver City, CA “Open Door” features audio, video, and online...

  • Open Door
    By Brian Turner

    Who: Brian Turner What: The Federal Association of Globetrotters When: April, 2010 Where: Belgrade, Serbia “Open Door” features audio, video, and online media to document dynamic interactions between...

  • Open Door
    By Kathleen Rooney

    Sasha Fletcher and Google-Eye Puppet (photo by Lily Ladweig)Who: Leigh Stein, Sasha Fletcher, Kathleen Rooney & “Elisa Gabbert,” Jason Koo, Sommer Browning and Noah...

  • Open Door
    By Yael Shinar

    Who: Master Sergeant Brandon Short, Specialist Arvinette Brooks What: Poetry Night at the Falcon When: Every other Tuesday Where: Baghdad, Iraq “Open Door” features audio, video, and...

  • Open Door
    By Matthew Simmons

    Who: Bryant Mason, Daniel Comiskey, C.E. Putnam, Kreg Hasegawa, and Annalisa Pesek What: Interrupture, a poetry performance troupe When: April 20, 2010 Where: The Canoe Social Club “Open...

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