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Jocelyn Saidenberg Discloses the Hours at Open Space September 14, 2016: At Open Space, Jocelyn Saidenberg’s piece “Notebooks on Notebooks” opens with Denise Riley, moves to Lucretius, travels with Bob Gluck to the Horologium mirabile Lundense (a [...] by

At Open Space: Paul Ebenkamp’s Mind in the Form of a List Includes Xenakis, John Wiese, Pigeons May 16, 2016: Poet and musician Paul Ebenkamp makes the links the thing in his “Listworthy” at Open Space. Listworthy engages smart people. “What’s on their minds, bookshelves, browsers; what [...] by

At Open Space: New Dawn Lundy Martin Homage to Glenn Ligon March 24, 2016: “Disembodied States: THE BODY GRIEVES IN ITS HEART CHEST” by Dawn Lundy Martin is the newest essay at the newest Open Space. “Disembodied States” is “a special nine-part [...] by

The Sadness of Materiality: Sending Bellamy & Killian Archives to the Beinecke November 12, 2015: Dodie Bellamy writes for SFMOMA’s Open Space about how dejecta evolves into archive: “Last August Kevin Killian and I turned over fifty-five file boxes of ephemera to the Beinecke Rare [...] by

Open Space Checks in With Cedar Sigo October 27, 2015: Last week we delivered the news that the SFMoMA’s Open Space launched a new website. While rolling out the new site, they took a break and got caught up with their old friend Cedar Sigo, who [...] by

World First, Museum Second: Announcing a Brand-New Open Space October 23, 2015: This is enchanting: SFMOMA’s already well-lit and educational (and poet-friendly) Open Space has a new website! Editor Suzanne Stein reflects on the three years of thinking, planning, and [...] by

Real Family Is Difficult May 21, 2015: Trisha Low focuses on the family in a new post for SFMoma’s Open Space, writing on the issues of the day: Conceptualism as it’s seen and branded, the Mongrel Coalition, Kenny Goldsmith [...] by

Open Space at Flying Object, and a Correction May 14, 2014: We were wrong! Thankfully, Ben Hollander caught a little (big?) error in our post “Open Eyes, Open Space,” wherein we said “Kyle Schlesinger just posted the complete set of Stan [...] by

Open Eyes, Open Space May 8, 2014: Holy moley! Kyle Schlesinger just posted the complete set of Stan Persky’s 1964 mimeo magazine, Open Space, onto the Cuneiform Press website! Why not start with Issue 0 of Open Space: A [...] by

At Open Space: erica kaufman’s Continuous Present November 20, 2013: Up today at SFMOMA’s Open Space On the Contemporary series (curated by Brandon Brown) is a piece by erica kaufman, “The Leaves Changed and I Didn’t Notice: 10 Jilted Starts.” It [...] by