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‘A homesickness for world culture’: Eimear McBride Considers Osip Mandelstam’s Legacy at New Statesman May 10, 2017: At the New Statesman, Eimear McBride discusses the challenges that Osip Mandelstam faced as a poet in Soviet Russia. Perhaps most telling is this segment of McBride’s article, “By the [...] by

‘Le cri vain’: On Philip Terry & Enoh Meyomesse December 21, 2016: This morning I came across a passage in an essay (Frederick Ahl’s “Ars Est Cameleer Artem,” in On Puns, edited by Jonathan Culler) which describes a scene in Cicero’s On Divination. A [...] by

‘Everything, for me, is translation’: An Interview With John High March 15, 2016: John High—poet and prose stylist—writes because he feels driven to do so. American and foreign landscapes and voices populate his poems. A contemporary visionary, it is hard to forget any poem of [...] by

Floyd & Uyen Against ‘The World’ February 19, 2013: So, we’re still at the Comet, perhaps thinking through an atmosphere that I described before, a dazzling sky of unknowable pleasures & speeds, losing control while also piloting wild [...] by

Nadezhda Mandelstam at Silliman’s Blog August 29, 2012: Many thanks to Ron Silliman for posting this wonderful video of an interview with Nadezhda Mandelstam, Russian poet Osip Mandelstam’s widow and author of the two incredibly fascinating memoirs [...] by