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Revisiting, Rereading, & Returning to Pablo Neruda December 30, 2016: For Boston Review, Magdalena Edwards reviews Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda Poems (Copper Canyon, 2016), by Pablo Neruda, translated by Forrest Gander (you’ll recall we recently mentioned an [...] by

Neruda is a Nerudean story overlapping with a Borgesian process’ December 12, 2016: Chilean film director Pablo Larraín talks in the new issue of Film Comment about making “anti-bio” Neruda and Jackie back-to-back. “I was going to say, Neruda really isn’t about [...] by

Forrest Gander Takes on Translation Project of Neruda’s Lost Poems November 29, 2016: A Forrest Gander essay about translating Pablo Neruda’s lost poems went up at Literary Hub last week. The poet and translator admits that he’s often preferred to champion terrific [...] by

We Can Be Heroes: Poets Live Large on the Big Screen October 5, 2016: From Jim Jarmusch’s “Paterson” to Pablo Larrain’s “Neruda,” this year’s New York Film Festival lineup includes movies where poets are the protagonists and literature [...] by

Greetings from Pablo Neruda’s ‘Love Nest’ November 20, 2015: Yes, in this episode of “Poetry Cribs” (it doesn’t really exist, but we wish it did…) Washington Post takes a gander at Pablo Neruda’s “love nest” in the [...] by

On WNYC’s New Sounds, Verses from Latin America November 10, 2015: On WNYC’s New Sounds, John Schaefer guides listeners through an exploration of Latin American poetry settings. Poets include Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and more. Tune in! [...] by

Chilean Goverment Admits Neruda’s Death a ‘Highly Probable’ Murder November 10, 2015: The Guardian reports of Chile’s acknowledgement that Pablo Neruda might indeed have been murdered by the Pinochet regime, as has been believed by many for some time. More: The interior ministry [...] by

Copper Canyon’s Michael Wiegers Talks to Poets & Writers October 20, 2015: In their new issue, Poets & Writers features Michael Wiegers, editor in chief of Copper Canyon Press. From the operation rooms of Fort Worden, in Port Townsend, Washington, to working with Allan [...] by

Library of Congress Details How Pablo Neruda Came to be Translated into English August 3, 2015: How DID Pablo Neruda’s poems find their way into English? The official blog of the Library of Congress provides readers with an in-depth backstory about one of the most revered and most [...] by

Forrest Gander to Translate Rediscovered Neruda July 27, 2015: Like Taylor Swift, Pablo Neruda’s romantic poems never go out of style. But for couples who may be just a little bit ready for something new, Copper Canyon Press and the Pablo Neruda Foundation [...] by