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Albert Mobilio Turns Pages of the Art Part of an Artist’s Book June 26, 2017: Albert Mobilio writes about the artist’s book and the current show Off the Shelf: Modern and Contemporary Artists’ Books at the Baltimore Museum of Art for the Paris Review Daily. “The [...] by

Anthony Madrid’s ‘Five Complaints’ June 5, 2017: At the Paris Review, poet Anthony Madrid shares with readers five of his complaints about poetry. Some, you might have never considered before—for example, T.S. Eliot’s 1948 address to the [...] by

Jonathan Swift Was Indeed an Activist December 2, 2016: Anthony Madrid, otherwise known as our favorite Paris Review correspondent, has penned a piece about Jonathan Swift, who would have been 349 years old this week. “What was he anyway? Or never [...] by

Johnny Cash’s Handwritten Poems to Be Published in Forever Words November 10, 2016: In uplifting news: “Blue Rider Press will publish Forever Words: The Unknown Poems of Johnny Cash,” reports the Paris Review Daily. The book, which collects all unpublished poems by the [...] by

Michael Silverblatt’s Intro to Reissue of Kenward Elmslie’s The Orchid Stories Excerpted at Paris Review Daily November 1, 2016: Michael Silverblatt looks at Kenward Elmslie’s The Orchid Stories over at Paris Review Daily. The novel has just been reissued by The Song Cave, but apparently its first chapters were published [...] by

Another Look at Ubu Roi :: Happy Birthday, Alfred Jarry September 8, 2016: At Paris Review Daily, Dan Piepenbring looks at Alfred Jarry’s glorious play Ubu Roi, for the occasion of Jarry’s birthday (he would be 143 today). Ubu Roi is a parody of Macbeth in which [...] by

Anthony Madrid’s Infectious Charm for a Charles D’Orléans Chanson Via Pound September 1, 2016: Lucky us: Anthony Madrid is sharing the wealth over at Paris Review Daily. This week, he hunts the sound stack in the rondels of medieval poet Charles D’Orléans. Hmm? Yes, look closely at page 254 [...] by

At Paris Review Daily, Solmaz Sharif Discusses Gender in Relationship to Warfare, Much More July 28, 2016: More Solmaz Sharif, this time at Paris Review Daily, where she talks with Zinzi Clemmons about racism, the distinction between poetry and activism, gender and warfare, and her debut collection, Look, [...] by

Ben Lerner on the Haunting, Quiet Keith Waldrop April 1, 2016: Ben Lerner writes about “A Major Poet of Quiet” for Paris Review Daily. Who Might That Be? It’s Keith Waldrop! “His accomplishment is difficult to describe because his work [...] by

Tomas Tranströmer’s Translator Talks Tenses, Silent Energy January 28, 2016: Paris Review Daily posted an interview with translator Patty Crane about the newest and brightest Bright Scythe: Selected Poems by Tomas Tranströmer. “Turn of events such as the ones I [...] by