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Dwight Garner Reviews Patricia Lockwood’s Priestdaddy May 4, 2017: Dwight Garner contributed a fabulous, thoughtful review of Patricia Lockwood’s memoir Priestdaddy to the New York Times’s “Books” section yesterday. We’ve posted a [...] by

Christian Lorentzen Reviews Patricia Lockwood’s Priestdaddy at Vulture April 27, 2017: Patricia Lockwood’s new memoir, Priestdaddy, draws on her experience as the daughter of a Catholic priest. Lorentzen explains that it’s “part origin story, part narrative of her [...] by

The Atlantic on Patricia Lockwood’s Big-R Romantic Endeavor April 18, 2017: The Atlantic’s James Parker considers the work of Patricia Lockwood–both her poetry and her sharp wit as exhibited on Twitter, how she “felt [the current political climate] in her [...] by

What’s in a Guest Tweeter: Lockwood’s NSFW Tweet on Behalf of TNR April 7, 2016: Blink and you missed it: Patricia Lockwood took over The New Republic’s Twitter account recently, and sent a NSFW tweet to Donald Trump. The Atlantic elaborates on the moment in a piece called [...] by

HuffPost’s Valentine to Internet Poetry November 11, 2015: In truth, most poets like the internet (social media is another thing), however The Huffington Post has compiled this handy listicle summarizing a few of the most visible poets utilizing the [...] by

WWTD (We’re Going to Tweet That): A Post in Which Sheila Heti and Patricia Lockwood Wonder ‘What Would Twitter Do?’ July 24, 2014: At The Believer Logger, Sheila Heti interviews Patricia Lockwood about the relationship between creative writing, twitter, and all this technology. It’s the seventh installment of Heti’s [...] by

St. Louis Magazine Talks to Patricia Lockwood June 26, 2014: Up today at St. Louis Magazine is “Six Questions for Patricia Lockwood!” You know you can’t get enough of the “one-book poet to social media starlet,” as Aaron Belz has [...] by

Your Handy Guide to Women Reviewing Men Reviewing Patricia Lockwood June 5, 2014: On May 28, The New York Times Magazine profiled Patricia Lockwood (as we mentioned). On May 29, The New Yorker had The New Republic’s Adam Plunkett write about Patricia Lockwood’s [...] by

Patricia Lockwood Featured in The New York Times Magazine May 29, 2014: Wonderful. You can’t stop us if you’ve heard this one, but The New York Times Magazine profiled Patricia Lockwood yesterday! Though Lockwood is placed in our eyes as a “woodland [...] by

Eyeballs Turn to an Interview With Patricia Lockwood January 6, 2014: A new interview with Patricia Lockwood is up at The Rumpus! Lockwood, who hit the poetry big-time after her poem “Rape Joke” took Internet flight upon publication at The Awl, talks with [...] by