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The New York Times Reviews Patti Smith’s M October 1, 2015: The New York Times’s Michiko Kakutani reviews Patti Smith’s new memoir, M Train. Kakutani writes: “Whereas Ms. Smith’s haunting 2010 memoir, ‘Just Kids,’ centered on [...] by

Showtime to Adapt Patti Smith’s Just Kids Into Limited Series August 13, 2015: Electric Lit and Jezebel both report that Patti Smith’s best-selling memoir, Just Kids, is to be adapted by Showtime into a television miniseries! From Jezebel: Just Kids, Patti Smith’s [...] by

Patti Smith Visits Chicago October 30, 2014: In advance of Patti Smith’s visit to Chicago as part of the Chicago Humanities Festival, which includes a pair of performances at the Old Town School of Folk Music, she spoke with the [...] by

Patti Smith to Debut Nico’s Poetry June 23, 2014: Good Monday to you! We thought we’d start out the week with some good and groovy news. According to Contact Music, Patti Smith will be debuting the poetry of Nico, of Velvet Underground and [...] by

On Not Being Poetry’s Daddy: Marianne Morris in Conversation (Part 1 of 2) May 1, 2014: This conversation with Marianne Morris took place at Oliveto in Oakland over flourless chocolate cake. Marianne and I first met in New York in 2008. She currently resides in Berkeley, California [...] by

Who’s the Man? January 21, 2014: Stubborn Poetries: Poetic Facticity and the Avant-Garde, by Peter Quartermain. University of Alabama Press. $39.95. Among Friends: Engendering the Social Site of Poetry, edited by Anne Dewey and [...] by

Another Reason to Keep That Picture of Patti Smith on Your Bedroom Wall August 14, 2013: Above your copy of her memoir, Just Kids. It’s okay— us too!– because Patti Smith is STILL making art and making statements that totally take our breath away. This time? According [...] by

Allen Ginsberg and Patti Smith, Holy! August 9, 2013: Open Culture just posted two mesmerizing videos of Patti Smith reciting Allen Ginsberg’s “Footnote to Howl.” In one rendition, Smith is backed by Philip Glass and Tibetan monks, and in the [...] by

Patti Smith Sings William Blake January 24, 2013: We are thrilled about the recently discovered lost etchings of William Blake. Now, Jacket2 has reminded us that Patti Smith performed  “In My Blakean Year” on December 9, 2010, as [...] by

Remember That Time When Allen Ginsberg Bought Patti Smith a Sandwich? August 13, 2012: In our culture of fame worship, there’s nothing more exciting than when two celebrities meet—and this doesn’t exclude us poetry fanboys and fangirls. A recent New York Times review of [...] by