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The Ballast of an Interview With the Beating Heart of a Poem October 27, 2014: Jennifer Krasinski talks to Claudia La Rocco about poetry, performance, criticism, and more at BOMB Daily. We’ve been reading La Rocco’s new book, The Best Most Useless Dress, just out [...] by

The Hole (Notes) April 24, 2010: This next month I am revising and typesetting my first book of poems, tentatively titled The Hole. Writing so much criticism and essay and working a lot this past year, it has been difficult at times [...] by

Ekphrasis Again March 31, 2010: Inspired by Sina’s recent post, I was thinking again about ekphrastic poetry, poetry that traditionally has been written about or for art objects/works. Many of my own poems are informed by visual [...] by