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‘Bomb-like’: Paul Cunningham Close Reads Don Mee Choi’s Hardly War September 30, 2016: “Nothing in Hardly War is what it appears to be on the surface” Cunningham writes about Don Mee Choi’s latest collection. It’s partly a book of a father’s photographs, partly a [...] by

Fanzine Infiltrates The Garden: Ed Steck and Paul Cunningham in Conversation August 13, 2014: Whoa, hey there buddy! Whatever you’re doing right now, stop that and read this: it’s Ed Steck and Paul Cunningham’s conversation about writing, disappearances, borders, Eden, [...] by

Sade Murphy in Conversation at Montevidayo May 8, 2014: Action Books’s Assistant Editor, Paul Cunningham, talks with rising-star poet Sade Murphy at Montevidayo. Paul: Hi Sade. How do you approach writing a new poem? What kind of work do you [...] by