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The Third Rail’s Issue 9 Features Joseph Mosconi, Keston Sutherland, Michele Wallace, More January 6, 2017: The Third Rail’s Issue 9 is now in print, and online. An “editorially independent affiliate of The Brooklyn Rail” based in Minneapolis, previous issues have included audio from Paul [...] by

Feel Space: Poets 4 Orlando June 24, 2016: All the way from Myrtle Broadway to Broadway Lafayette to 72nd Street and from Strawberry Fields to Sheep’s Meadow, I hoped I’d run into anyone looking like me who might be headed to Poets 4 [...] by

Paul Legault Translates Those Meaningful to Susan Sontag in On Photography July 16, 2014: Paul Legault is at his creative translation again, this time unearthing what the authors really meant in Susan Sontag’s closing quotation section in On Photography. “There’s always a [...] by

A Look at Ben Fama’s Mall Witch February 8, 2013: At HTMLGiant, Ben Tripp reviews the Wonder project Mall Witch, a book of poems attributed to Ben Fama but authored by Paul Legault and Andrew Durbin. However, writes Tripp: “For fans of [...] by

‘Not a Simple Joke’: LARB Review of Paul Legault’s Emily Dickinson Reader October 29, 2012: At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Paul Legault’s The Emily Dickinson Reader is given a proper review by Alexandra Socarides, who describes the translation project as “a joke.” But [...] by

Paul Legault at BOMBLOG: ‘More Than Just the Idea of Offending Emily Dickinson’ October 12, 2012: Our friend Paul Legault talks in-depth about his newly released book of Emily Dickinson translations, The Emily Dickinson Reader, over at BOMBLOG! Jonathan Aprea writes, “Legault’s use of [...] by

Marie Claire Loves Paul Legault’s Emily Dickinson Translations August 14, 2012: Ladyrag Marie Claire of all places has high praise for Paul Legault’s The Emily Dickinson Reader, which just came out from McSweeney’s new poetry imprint. Back to the future: If Emily [...] by

Emily Dickinson Concentrate From Paul Legault July 16, 2012: Today, McSweeney’s posted excerpts from Paul Legault’s new tribute to everybody’s favorite shut-in. For those of us who are too busy to read Dickinson’s complete works, [...] by

‘The Other’ as Endearing and More Lovely Talk from Paul Legault June 26, 2012: There’s a fantastic interview over at Lambda Literary with Paul Legault, whose third collection in just a few years, The Emily Dickinson Reader, is out soon with McSweeney’s. (We think [...] by

Hear Paul Legault’s Translations of Emily Dickinson June 13, 2012: Check out this installment of the Huffington Post Reading Series, in which: Paul Legault translated Emily Dickinson’s poems into what he calls “basic English,” but I’d [...] by