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A Poem for Every Page of DFW’s Infinite Jest June 27, 2017: “For poet Jenni B. Baker, David Foster Wallace’s postmodern epic on tennis, recovery and entertainment, is text material for her poetry,” writes Elizabeth Flock at PBS NewsHour about [...] by

You’ve Got It All Wrong: Matthew Zapruder on Teaching Poetry June 20, 2017: At PBS NewsHour, Elizabeth Flock reveals to readers an important detail about Matthew Zapruder, a little-known secret which he divulges to the readers of his new book, Why Poetry. Zapruder, the [...] by

PBS NewsHour Visits Tracy K. Smith June 19, 2017: At PBS NewsHour, Jeffrey Brown introduces NewsHour viewers to the nation’s next poet laureate, Tracy K. Smith. Smith welcomes Brown into her Princeton, NJ home and into her office at Princeton [...] by

PBS Explores ‘Pop Poetry’ June 14, 2017: PBS NewsHour introduces viewers (and readers) to the work of Thom Young, a poet who joined Instagram in 2009 and became fascinated by the medium’s ability to propell the works of “people [...] by

Juan Felipe Herrera Sparks Poetry in Chicago Public Schools June 2, 2017: PBS NewsHour examines a new initiative in Chicago public schools, aimed at inspiring students to perform better, academically, and to challenge the violence in their city. As Judy Woodruff explains, [...] by

PBS NewsHour Introduces One Poet’s ‘Humble One-Liners’ May 23, 2017: Elizabeth Flock speaks with Egyptian-American poetry and prose-writer Yahia Lababidi on the latest episode of PBS NewsHour. Humor, timing, and the current moment are some subjects at hand. His new [...] by

PBS NewsHour Celebrates New West Virginia Anthology May 3, 2017: Elizabeth Flock, of PBS NewsHour, directs readers’ attention to a new anthology—in fact, it’s the first anthology featuring poetry and literary writing by West Virginia authors to [...] by

Trending, Thanks to the Poetry Coalition: #WeComeFromEverything March 29, 2017: The “Because We Come From Everything: Poetry & Migration” project–engined by a national Poetry Coalition that comprises over 25 poetry organizations (including us!)–is [...] by

From ‘Nobody’ to Somebody: The Morgan Library Brings Emily Dickinson in Context March 9, 2017: Meanwhile, PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown visited The Morgan Library yesterday to learn about Emily Dickinson. The poet who has for decades been shrouded by her reputation for wearing white [...] by

Poets Cast ‘Golden Shovels’ for Gwendolyn Brooks March 8, 2017: At PBS NewsHour, Elizabeth Flock delves into a new anthology, co-edited by Peter Kahn, Patricia Smith, and Ravi Shankar, which pays homage to Gwendolyn Brooks’s poetry. The foreword, written by [...] by