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Jacqueline Woodson Talks Bushwick at PBS NewsHour August 24, 2016: The author of National Book Award-winning poetry collection Brown Girl Dreaming, and our own Young People’s Poet Laureate, Jacqueline Woodson is at work on her second novel, Another Brooklyn. [...] by

Poetry Leads Olympic Runner Alexi Pappas to Glory August 10, 2016: PBS NewsHour highlights Alexi Pappas’s path from poetry major to star long-distance runner. “She says she often thinks that running and poetry are alike. In poetry, ‘there’s such [...] by

‘Every Time I Write a Poem, I’m Still Starting From Scratch’: PBS NewsHour Meets Poet Kasey Jueds July 20, 2016: At PBS NewsHour, a conversation with poet Kasey Jueds. The author of poetry collection, Keeper, published by University of Pittsburgh Press in 2013, the profile begins with a look into the origins of [...] by

Patriotic Poetry to Help Get Through Every Day in America July 5, 2016: Through poetry, John Brehm illuminates American history and global identity. The poet spoke to PBS NewsHour’s Mary Jo Brooks about his relationship to fireworks and all things patriotic. Poet [...] by

Ross Gay Gardens With PBS NewsHour June 9, 2016: At PBS NewsHour, Ross Gay says, “Gardening slows me down. I want to stop and observe everything.” Few moments feel as inspirational to him–apart from poetry–but there [...] by

Kim Stafford Advises Escaping the ‘Ivory Tower’ at PBS NewsHour May 19, 2016: At PBS NewsHour, Kim Stafford reads from his poem “Love Money.” In the written transcript, Stafford discusses the ethos that he imparts to his poetry students at Lewis and Clark: they [...] by

On PBS NewsHour, Shira Elichman Explores Poetry That Documents Mental Illness May 3, 2016: NewsHour’s Corinne Segal spends a moment with poet Shira Elichman, whose experience taking Lithium is the subject of her recent poetic inquiry. Using metaphors like out-of-service subway cars [...] by

Compton Teen Reads Her Poem ‘Guts’ on PBS NewsHour April 22, 2016: At PBS NewsHour, Compton teenager Kimberly Cervantes speaks about how poetry has helped her to deal with “a steady exposure to violence” and with the backlash she faced from her peers [...] by

The Poetics of Flint: Teen Poets Create Detailed Portraits of Flint Through Verse March 30, 2016: On PBS NewsHour Corinne Segal visits Raise It Up!, a youth arts organization in Flint, Michigan where five teen poets discuss the ways that poetry is helping them to express nuanced portraits of [...] by

PBS NewsHour Introduces Fatemeh Shams’s When They Broke Down The Door March 29, 2016: Translated by Dick Davis, Fatemeh Shams’s collection When They Broke Down The Door explores the intersections of the personal and political via Shams’s experiences as a post-revolution [...] by