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Post-Poetry, Part 2: Outpost/Outland April 24, 2015: Dear Divya, So there you are in Singapore, and here I am in Colorado Springs, both of which are sort of conflicted homeworlds for both of us, and outlands to the centers of poetic industry (haw haw). [...] by

“Children’s book for adults” ransacks bestseller list with help from pirates May 17, 2011: You might not be able to read the bedtime story Go the Fuck to Sleep to your children, but you can certainly read them the reassuring tale in The Bay Citizen about how a bunch of PDF pirates [...] by

Poetics of Distribution, Metadata as Poesis: Tan Lin’s 7CV @ EDIT: Processing Network Publishing April 17, 2010: This coming Wednesday, April 21 on the UPenn campus, Danny Snelson has organized an evening to celebrate Tan Lin’s recent book publication, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The [...] by