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Poetry & Archeology Collide March 13, 2017: It’s not often we feature archeological discoveries on this humble blog. But today we’ll treat you to a wonderful moment of intersection between poetry and a recent dig in Egypt that [...] by

Copper Lyres (Materiality of Poetry in the Age of Digital Reproduction & Ecoprecarity, Part 2) May 31, 2016: then with your tongue remove the tape Jean Toomer, “Her Lips Are Copper Wire” (1920) In a meditation on “The Invisible City” within his 1961 magnum opus The City in History: Its Origins, Its [...] by

Shelley’s College-Age Angst Rediscovered November 11, 2015: A pamphlet by Percy Shelley, written while he was a student at Oxford and long believed lost, has been acquired by Oxford’s Bodleian Library. The physical copy is on display until December. [...] by

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You: Greatest Hits of Oxford’s Bodleian Library September 4, 2014: Who DOESN’T want to have a book that also contains a picture of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s hair strand?! University of Chicago Press has unleashed this behemoth: Marks of Genius: Masterpieces [...] by

John Keats: Death by Article? July 28, 2014: We had the weekend to digest Jeffrey C. Johnson’s temperature-raising post from the Paris Review, all about John Keats and reflections on fever. And on dispelling the myth propagated by [...] by

Stars, Poetry—Part II: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo May 22, 2014: This is my second meditation on a personal wheel of poetic influence, grouped by modalities. (See here for my first one). What Are the Modalities of the Zodiac? Here’s a Review: Cardinal signs [...] by

Shelley Aiding and Abetting Meth Kingpin? July 31, 2013: Slate recently posted a quick piece noting the dramatic and poetic trailer for the final season of Breaking Bad: The idea is brilliant: Walter White (Bryan Cranston) reading Percy Bysshe Shelley’s [...] by

The Atlantic: Shelley Calls Poetry the Cure for Information Overload July 30, 2012: If you’re feeling drowned in status updates, tweets and up-to-the-second news, Percy Bysshe Shelley has some advice for you: turn to poetry. A brief writeup on The Atlantic website presents [...] by

The Huffington Post invites you to play Rate! That! Prodigy! March 2, 2011: In The Huffington Post’s continued domination of the phlisticle genre (that’s the combination of a photo gallery and listicle, which is already a combination of list and article, for [...] by

Does poetry need its own Glee? January 13, 2011: On The Moderate Voice, Michael Silverstein proposes an unusual solution to restoring the place of poetry in civic discourse. The problem isn’t with poetry itself, rather the medium for [...] by