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On Philip Larkin’s Photographs September 19, 2016: In the Threepenny Review, Tomas Unger reconsiders Philip Larkin’s photographs, which—like his poetry—exhibits a “a knowledge newly felt, founded on real seeing.” More: At least [...] by

Philip Larkin’s Photography Captured at the New Yorker February 2, 2016: A new album of Philip Larkin’s photography, published by British imprint Frances Lincoln, complicates readers’ view of the poet. Via New Yorker: In the late summer of 1947, Philip Larkin, [...] by

A Vision of Hell: Nominated for Oxford Poetry Professorship, Philip Larkin Said ‘Count Me Out!’ June 1, 2015: Who’s it going to be, Simon Armitage, Ian Gregson, Seán Haldane, Wole Soyinka, or A.E. Stallings, as we come down to the wire for the nomination for the Oxford Professor of Poetry. As Oxford [...] by

‘Our Almost Instinct Almost True’: Clive James Reviews a Philip Larkin Biography at NYT November 24, 2014: At the New York Times Sunday Book Review, Clive James unlocks a new biography of the acclaimed British poet, Philip Larkin. The new biography by James Booth, underscores why Larkin’s writing [...] by

Larkin’s Whitsun Weddings Express May 13, 2014: The Guardian reminds us that 2014 marks the 50 year anniversary of the publication of Philip Larkin’s book The Whitsun Weddings, which of course includes the famed eponymous poem. To celebrate, [...] by

Why I Cry: The Guardian Reviews Epic Volume of Men’s Poetry Choices, ‘A Real Tear-Jerker’ March 24, 2014: For the super heroes and cry babies out there, Simon and Schuster presents Poems That Make Grown Men Cry: an anthology of heart-wrenchingly emotional poetry chosen by 100 “famous and [...] by

Ben Hamilton Defends Philip Larkin at LARB July 23, 2012: Though there are many controversies surrounding Philip Larkin, who died in 1985, Ben Hamilton at the Los Angeles Review of Books argues that the English poet and novelist is still relevant and worthy [...] by

Larkin’s unexpected Hallmark moment May 29, 2012: Can great poetry bear a resemblance to a Hallmark moment and still be great? Prolly not. But Ron Rosenbaum takes up the issue over at Slate by looking at 2 most-famous lines by 2 most-famous poets. [...] by