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LA Times Reports From the Last Stateside Reading of Exiled Iranian Poet Mohsen Emadi February 6, 2017: The LA Times went to the Poetic Research Bureau to see the last Stateside reading of exiled Iranian poet and translator Mohsen Emadi, really bringing home the reality of the ban against seven [...] by

From the Bakersfield Fan Forum: Ara Shirinyan’s Longing to Be With the Lively Fishes December 23, 2016: The recent Bakersfield Fan Forum, for which “poets, artists and scholars discussed the politics of fandom, appropriation and the concepts of the amateur and the enthusiast,” was [...] by

Black Libraries Matter: No Whispering. Food, Drink, & Dancing, Shouting, & Singing Encouraged July 22, 2016: I’ve spent the past couple of weeks going to sleep at dawn after long dejected discussions with black friends and loved ones, wherein the culmination was either rallying around the fact that we [...] by

There Exist These Opulent Gardens January 25, 2016: What does it mean to have senses at the end of the world, and what does it mean to have them in common? I was wanting to weep on Wilshire Boulevard, wanting to weep for Soul Cycles and fraying palms [...] by

From Mr. Hegel to Mr. Snuggles: Throw Some Love to Insert Blanc Press Pronto July 2, 2015: Insert Blanc Press is–in the words of Poetic Research Bureau’s Joseph Mosconi–a good press and a loving death cult. We heartily agree! Insert Blanc, based in Los Angeles and [...] by

Re-Reading & Re-Viewing Joseph Mosconi November 13, 2014: Over at The Volta: a graphic (no really!) review from J. Fossenbell of Joseph Mosconi’s Demon Miso/Fashion in Child (Make Now Books, 2014), the book-length poem that also serves as a [...] by

Open Press October 27, 2014: I am going to talk about Open Press, a two-day literary festival that took place in Los Angeles this past October 11 & 12. Let me be clear: in no way do I speak on behalf of any Los Angeles [...] by

Charles Bernstein on Just the Station of Gins & Arakawa May 13, 2014: Charles Bernstein shares the space once and still inhabited by Madeline Gins and Shusaku Arakawa for Hyperallergic in “What Happens When the Artist Drops Away? The Legacy of Arakawa and [...] by

Out-of-Print Publications Now Available at Poetic Research Bureau December 30, 2013: Poet and artist Joseph Mosconi has started to publish some great publications as PDFs at the Poetic Research Bureau Tumblr. PRB is mostly known as a physical space for killer Los Angeles poetry [...] by