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    By Cornelius Eady

    In January, I released two audio chapbooks; Asking for the Moon (Red Glass Books) and Book of Hooks (Kattywompus Press). Both books have CD’s...

  • By Anselm Berrigan

    (note: this is part II of a 1996 letter from the late Doug Oliver on his book Poetry and Narrative in Performance) So we can...

  • By Anselm Berrigan

    I remembered recently the existence of a letter my stepfather, the British poet and novelist Douglas Oliver, wrote me thirteen years ago to explain,...

  • By Edwin Torres

    Thought I'd throw this on the fire. Embedded mid-level to centurion's height, one pupil, ever-seeing...nay the seers. Worming through rush hour. People...what a heave! Says...

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