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A Baker’s Dozen of Prose from Poetry December 29, 2016: As the door closes on 2016, we find ourselves revisiting the many prose pieces we published this past year. Maybe you missed a one of these the first time around, or maybe you want to return to a [...] by

‘I have reached the edge of earshot’: W.S. Graham’s ‘Malcolm Mooney’s Land’ September 26, 2016: The Editors’ Blog occasionally features online exclusives by Poetry’s contributors. This installment comes from David Wheatley, whose article “So Much Better Than Most Things Written on [...] by

From the Archives, June 1966: Levertov, Johnson, Shapiro, Kyger, & more June 30, 2016: Sometimes to move forward it helps to look back. Let’s turn our eyes to June 1966. What was happening fifty years ago in poetry and Poetry? It’s hardly a surprise that the U.S. was (once again) [...] by

From the Poetry Archives: Australian Poets May 26, 2016: “I have a theory that Australian poetry renews itself with every generation,” wrote John Tranter in Poetry, nearly a generation ago. Tranter’s “Australian Poetry 1940–1980: A Personal [...] by

A Tapestry for George Starbuck June 23, 2015: Note: Poetry first published George Starbuck in January 1960, and over the course of nearly three decades he published almost two dozen poems in the magazine. These include elegies, concrete poems, [...] by

From the Poetry Archives: Larry Eigner December 15, 2014: George Hart and Jennifer Bartlett edited a wonderful portfolio of Larry Eigner’s letters in our December 2014 issue, and it prompted us to dig into our own archives to see what we could find! Take [...] by

For Amiri Baraka: Thomas Sayers Ellis’s ‘Vernacular Owl’ July 15, 2014: It’s hard to believe that Amiri Baraka passed away six months ago. The many readings and remembrances that followed his passing attest to his lasting influence. But how does one write a poem after, [...] by

Oulipo in Poetry: Mathews, Pastior, and Roubaud June 20, 2014: Readers of Harry Mathews’s poem in our June issue, “Cool Gales Shall Fan the Glades,” may be aware that he was the first American to become a member of Oulipo, a group known for creating [...] by

Poetry Against the War March 18, 2014: The poems in our March 2014 issue come from poets who will be featured at the Split This Rock Poetry Festival in Washington, D.C. at the end of this month. Among the poets taking up the theme of [...] by

For Margaret Walker November 19, 2013: Margaret Walker, accomplished poet and onetime Chicagoan, died fifteen years ago this month. Walker has been an important influence on many poets working today, from Amiri Baraka to Nikki Giovanni, [...] by