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Goodreads Awards Announced December 6, 2012: Mary Oliver took the poetry crown, with Michael Robbins and Rebecca Lindenberg taking second and third. See the vote breakdown here. by

“If I could write a map of the world the size of the world, I would feel great about it.” An Interview with Rebecca Lindenberg March 27, 2012: Just last week Rebecca Lindenberg’s debut book from McSweeney’s got a brief review in Vanity Fair. This week, she takes part in an interview with McSweeney’s Poetry Series editors [...] by

Rebecca Lindenberg’s Love, An Index Reviewed in Vanity Fair March 22, 2012: Rebecca Lindenberg, partner of now, sadly, deceased poet Craig Arnold, wrote Love, An Inedex in remembrance of Arnold and their relationship together. Here it gets a brief appreciation in the Vanity [...] by