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Narrative After Nature April 6, 2017: To the extent that the world is made up of narrative discourse these days, it seems to have two fundamental ingredients or axes: plausibility and syntax. I write, “To the extent..,” because I am [...] by

The Volta Reads Gladman’s Calamities January 12, 2017: At The Volta Blog, Sam Lohmann reviews Renee Gladman’s Calamities, recently published by Wave. It “wrecks genre,” Lohmann writes. “Calamities is a book about writing and how [...] by

Aisha Sabatini Sloan Reviews Renee Gladman’s Calamities November 2, 2016: If you haven’t already read Renee Gladman’s Calamities, and even if you have, you’ll want to dig into Aisha Sabatini Sloan’s fabulous review at Tarpaulin Sky. In Calamities, [...] by

Renee Gladman Contributes ‘Five Things Right Now’ to Granta October 6, 2016: At Granta, poet, novelist, and visual artist Renee Gladman discusses five artists’ impacts on her new creative project: drawings. (Wave Books will publish her first collection, Prose [...] by

John Keene’s Syllabus for ‘Temples for the Future: 20th and 21st Century Black Literary Avant-Gardes’ February 22, 2016: The New Directions blog has published John Keene’s syllabus for his Fall 2010 course at Northwestern University, “‘Temples for the Future’: 20th and 21st Century Black [...] by

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Recognizes Renee Gladman January 25, 2016: Congratulations to Renee Gladman who is the recipient of this year’s grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts for her work in poetry and prose! Each year the Foundation for Contemporary [...] by

‘The Sentence as Space for Living’: Renee Gladman Lectures at Berkeley March 19, 2014: Bay Area folks! Get yourself to the east bay via a Richmond-bound BART and listen to Renee Gladman deliver the Leslie Scalapino Lecture in Innovative Poetics at UC Berkeley. It’s tomorrow, [...] by

Amina Cain & Renee Gladman Talk in Slow Arresting Images at BOMB November 25, 2013: BOMB has Renee Gladman and Amina Cain in discussion over “not only … their new books, but about language as a stage, the dreams books have, landscape painting, and stories as cluttered [...] by

Dennis Cooper Hearts Renee Gladman & the Blur of Genre November 22, 2013: Once you get past the adults-only warning, you’ll find that Dennis Cooper has presented the work of Renee Gladman, in addition to writers Eugene Lim and Heiko Julien. Helpfully quoting Gladman [...] by

New at Triple Canopy: Lucy Ives Interviews Renee Gladman + An OWS Call and Response February 2, 2012: Fresh off their Stein-a-thon (which, we can attest, was a serious, spirited, and well-attended event), Triple Canopy has posted some great great reads to cure these mid-week doldrums. First up, poet [...] by