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Interview: Writing the Great Richard Brautigan Biography August 9, 2012: Speaking of Richard Brautigan… Over at Guernica, there’s a really nice interview with Wiliam Hjortsberg, author of the new, 852-page biography of him. Both the interviewer, journalist [...] by

Richard Brautigan August 9, 2012: Jubilee Hitchhiker, the big biography of Richard Brautigan was published last April by Counterpoint Press, in Berkeley. William Hjortsberg, the author and a novelist himself, is also a character in [...] by

Richard Brautigan’s Seed Packet Poems July 9, 2012: Michelle Dean has been exercising her green thumb over at The Rumpus. Dean says, “I have been trying, and mostly failing, to grow wildflowers in my rocky, slug-filled backyard here in Queens. I [...] by

New Richard Brautigan Bio Almost 900 Pages March 13, 2012: Oh goodness. The new, long-awaited Richard Brautigan biography, Jubilee Hitchhiker, written by novelist and screenwriter William Hjortsberg, weighs in at 880 pages. Published by Counterpoint, [...] by