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The Aesthetic Tensions in Kent Johnson’s A Question Mark Above the Sun December 10, 2012: Over at The New Republic is a review of Kent Johnson’s new book, A Question Mark Above the Sun (1st ed., Punch Press; 2nd ed., Starcherone Books) which aims to illuminate “the mystery [...] by

Some Rod Smith for Election Day November 6, 2012: Damn the Caesars posts a poem from Rod Smith’s excellent book Deed (University of Iowa Press 2007) for Election Day. Rich Owens writes that Deed “arrived in 2007 as a lucid confirmation [...] by

How Do Queer Marxists Propagate? Rich Owens on Samuel Solomon’s Life of Riley October 23, 2012: Richard Owens reviews Samuel Solomon’s Life of Riley (Bad Press 2012) over at Damn the Caesars, reading it through Yeats’s “Introduction,” “the 1937 prefatory note [...] by

As Editor of Broom, Lola Ridge Objected to Stein: “A bladder blown up by many breaths” May 23, 2012: Yesterday we got deeper into Ernest Hemingway’s salty annotation of the “Lady Poets,” one of whom, “the nearest prototype in her time of the proletarian poet of class [...] by