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Robert Fernandez on the Landscape of the Midwest, His Own Work as Unfamiliar Music, & More January 30, 2017: At Midwestern Gothic, Kristina Perkins talks with poet Robert Fernandez about his third collection, Scarecrow (Wesleyan, 2016). As Perkins notes, Fernandez was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and grew [...] by

Mallarmé! Mallarmé! Everywhere We Turn! April 5, 2016: If it seems you’re unable to turn a poetry-corner these days without running into Stéphane Mallarmé, you’re not alone. In recent years we’ve seen the publication of numerous new [...] by

Cole Swensen Finds a Way to Robert Walser October 9, 2014: Over at Pen America, an excerpt of Cole Swensen’s On Walking On, which “takes [Robert] Walser’s novel, The Walk, and the person himself, Swiss born writer Robert Walser (b. 1878-1956), [...] by

Reading List: September 2014 September 9, 2014: The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the September issue share some books that held their interest. Susan Barba It’s been a great summer [...] by

Imagined Objects April 24, 2014: The Imagination, which we cannot anatomically locate in any rustling branch of gray matter, or toss coins into, as if a fountain—here, in this season of cruelty and of spleen, we watch Her [...] by

Must-Read at PSA: New Translations of Stéphane Mallarmé February 3, 2014: At Poetry Society of America, Robert Fernandez and Blake Bronson-Bartlett write in depth about their very new Stéphane Mallarmé translations–the poems themselves are also up. “[A]s all [...] by

Shane McCrae Convos with Canarium at LARB July 12, 2013: At the Los Angele Review of Books, Shane McCrae gets into the nitty gritty of small press publishing with the editors of Canarium Books. The interviews are fascinating documents on how a small press [...] by

Canarium Is on the Move! March 14, 2013: The latest editions from Canarium Books have recently dropped. And we’re thrilled to see some authors old and new back in the saddle or making their way onto their list. While many poets get [...] by

Canarium’s Nick Twemlow Interviewed at Best American Poetry July 11, 2012: An interview with Canarium Books editor and poet Nick Twemlow by Canarium author Robert Fernandez is up at the Best American Poetry blog! The feature also includes a sample of Twemlow’s poem, [...] by