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Amherst College Bets on The Frosts, The Poets, The Fighting Poets…and Hamsters January 11, 2017: Well, at least you know what our preference is. New England Public Radio reports on Amherst College’s decision, since the ouster of their previous mascot, Lord Jeff, to select a new mascot in [...] by

Poetry on the Trail December 2, 2016: Does reciting poetry on the trail make “all the difference,” as Robert Frost once wrote? At Backpacker, Nick Davidson describes the joy of memorizing and reciting poetry while backpacking [...] by

David Orr Suggests Another Reading for ‘The Road Not Taken’ August 22, 2016: David Orr writes for Lit Hub about Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” Have we been reading it wrong? Probably, says Orr. More: According to Lawrance Thompson, Frost had been [...] by

Robert Frost Lecture Series Kicks Off With Talk by Frost’s Granddaughter June 23, 2016: If you find yourself in the Berkshires this summer, you should take in the annual lecture series “Sunday Afternoons with Robert Frost,” which kicks off this Sunday, June 26, with a talk [...] by

New Robert Frost Recordings Now Available on PennSound March 10, 2016: At Jacket2, Chris Mustazza reveals the story behind a trove of never-before-heard audio recordings of Robert Frost, which are now available for your listening pleasure at PennSound. As part of my [...] by

For Those Who Look Yonder: NYT Reviews Robert Frost’s Letters Vol. 1 June 24, 2014: Yes, few things are as illusive as that man, that mystery: Robert Frost. William Logan recounts, in this fresh-published review of Letters: Volume 1, “He disliked fancy metaphor or decoration [...] by

The Art of The Art of Robert Frost June 17, 2014: At the New Republic, Adam Plunkett reviews The Art of Robert Frost (Yale University Press 2012), by Tim Kendall. The book includes a selection of sixty-five poems from across Frost’s writing [...] by

Is It Work? April 15, 2014: A neighbor famously called Robert Frost the laziest man in the world, not just because he sat on the porch all day staring at nature like it was television, but also because he was constantly falling [...] by

A Second Look at Robert Frost February 5, 2014: It’s getting mighty frosty over at the New York Times today. Yeah, we went there! Jennifer Schuessler takes a look at the life of Robert Frost in light of the forthcoming publication of the [...] by

Twenty-Two Poem Hacks November 4, 2013: I’m really excited to be blogging for Harriet this month. I’ll be writing about translation, Latina poets, ekphrasis, mixtapes, collaboration, and Peyton Place. But I thought I’d start off by [...] by