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A Poet Without Awards May 15, 2017: As I have written before, I began Larry Eigner’s biography out of passion, hope, and my good looks. For once I was beginning to feel part of something, which is a particularly difficult thing [...] by

Robert Grenier Reads From His Notebook in This Video Portrait October 31, 2016: It’s a quick one, but don’t miss it. Charles Bernstein caught Robert Grenier reading from his notebook in this delicate, charming video portrait, posted at Jacket2. Happy Monday all. by

‘my visual poems are not really about handwriting’: An Interview w/ Paul Ebenkamp, Part I April 23, 2015: Hey Paul, Your book The Louder The Room The Darker The Screen (Timeless, Infinite Light) is my book of the year thus far, I want to ask you about the marker poems, I also do marker poems, I used to [...] by

Scrawls, Shapes, and Doodles: Norman Fischer on the Playful Visual Poetry of Whalen, Grenier, and Lazer at Jacket2 May 27, 2014: Jacket2 has posted a lovely essay by Norman Fischer on Philip Whalen, Robert Grenier, and Hank Lazer’s visual poetry and its influence on his own writing. Fischer spends a moment to introduce [...] by

Who Is Doris Cross? April 25, 2014: Over at the Marfa Book Company, where there is a beautiful gallery space—and where they’ve exhibited works by Robert Grenier, Roni Horn, Rosa Barba, Luis Camnitzer, Nicolas G. Miller, among other [...] by

A Robert Grenier Retrospective June 11, 2013: Escuchen New Yorkers! SOUTHFIRST Gallery (founded in 2000) presents this retrospective of the work of Robert Grenier: for your viewing pleasure. Check it out! The gallery is located at 60 North 6th [...] by

A Great Essay on Robert Grenier’s CAMBRIDGE M’ASS March 22, 2013: We’re big fans of Robert Grenier, and were even lucky enough to see him speak about his work at Woodland Pattern last year, so strike us even more fortunate that this Jacket2 piece, written by [...] by

Interview With Charles Bernstein (Part I) April 23, 2010: The following interview, conducted with Charles Bernstein at his home on March 19th, 2010, represents Bernstein’s thinking about the composition of his selected poems just released by Farrar, [...] by