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Notre Dame to Host Latin@ Poets at Angels of the Americlypse, October 16, 2015: On October 28-29 Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies (ILS) along with the Creative Writing Program will host Angels of the Americlypse: readings and colloquia—new Latin@ poetries and [...] by

Notes for National Corpse Month, Part Six April 30, 2015: I became the corpse, because—and then, it floats away again. —Alice Notley, In the Pines recall, translucent and disposable, the remaining corpses. —Roberto Tejada, Lost Continent And one day [...] by

‘There is room for an ethos of carefulness in our era’: Roberto Tejada Looks at the Poetic Avant-Garde in Current State of Crisis August 29, 2013: A new piece “worth time” (aye) is up at the Lana Turner blog: “Avant-Garde in Crisis,” by Roberto Tejada, uses some unique rhetoric to describe a poetic avant-garde currently [...] by

Roberto Tejada Interviews Rodrigo Toscano at BOMB June 24, 2013: Who knew that Roberto Tejada used to be mistaken for Rodrigo Toscano on the regular, because they share the same first and last initials? As Tejada points out with such humility at the start of his [...] by

Roundtable on a More Complicated Latino/a Poetry Now at PSA June 20, 2013: Installment 4 of Latino/a Poetry Now, at Poetry Society of America, features J. Michael Martínez, Carmen Giménez Smith, Roberto Tejada; and is worth a read, especially if you fancied our recent [...] by

Roberto Tejada Talks Poetry and Mexican Politics at BOMB September 6, 2012: Roberto Tejada discusses the lively literary and artistic community in Mexico City, and Mandorla, a bilingual magazine he founded in the early 90s, over at BOMB. Here, Tejada tells the story about an [...] by