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Sampson Starkweather’s PAIN: The Board Game Initially Rejected by Printers for Objectionable Content October 16, 2015: The Nashville Scene tells us that Sampson Starkweather’s new book almost didn’t make it past the printing stage! “Just before the local printer who handled all of their previous [...] by

Poetry Mixtape Volume V March 26, 2015: I don’t think I’ve written any poetry since 2008 that Ally Harris hasn’t edited, annotated, crossed out, or signed-off on. We were in school together at Iowa and wound up taking the [...] by

Sampson Starkweather in Tell-All TV Interview February 1, 2015: “Poetry … has to be both an act of solitude and of experience and lived life, and community,” says Sampson Starkweather … on TV! Poet, editor, and CUNY Center for the [...] by

Time Out New York Recommends 10 Chapbooks! December 12, 2014: Time Out New York adores chapbooks, who knew. The weekly finds them to be “pocket-sized gems” “favored by poets” that often offer “exceptional lesser-known writing [...] by

Jack White’s Third Man Records Launches Third Man Books! Debut Collection Includes Richard Hell, C.D. Wright, Sampson Starkweather, Sommer Browning +++ July 25, 2014: Ha, SPIN knows how to throw a first sentence: “Continuing his love for all things old-timey, Jack White has announced the creation of a new publishing company.” Hank Williams even wrote a [...] by

Launching April 3: Lost & Found Series IV Includes a Film Script by Ed Dorn, Adrienne Rich’s Teaching Materials, & Much More March 28, 2014: Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative is back and launching its fourth series at New York’s CUNY Graduate Center in Room C198 on April 3. The projects for this round are [...] by

My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 10, 2013: 1. Anne Carson, Red Doc> (Knopf). Favorite Line: “The moonlit / ironing boards / grandstanding like steeds.” 2. Brandon Shimoda, Portuguese (Tin House Books & Octopus Books) Favorite Line: [...] by

A Perfect Misunderstanding: On Sampson Starkweather’s First Four Books August 20, 2013: Coldfront writer Mark Gurarie reviews The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather (Birds LLC 2013), by, well, Sampson Starkweather. The book has already gotten plump backing (ow) from HTMLGIANT and [...] by

The Gigantic Heart of BIRDS LLC April 2, 2013: When you get a small press that does such gorgeous and professional work, and at the same time doesn’t sacrifice a moment of heart in the process, you get a something like Birds LLC. They’re like [...] by

We Are So Happy That Sampson Starkweather Is So Happy About the 2012 Chapbook Festival March 29, 2012: We are stunned, delighted, and generally more, uh, informed by having read this interview with the enthusiastic Sampson Starkweather about CHAPBOOKS. Starkweather is a co-editor of the small press [...] by