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Sherman Alexie Discusses His New Memoir on Fresh Air June 22, 2017: Sherman Alexie was on NPR’s Fresh Air this week talking about his new memoir, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. Alexie told Terri Gross that “there was more going on in Native [...] by

Alexie’s ‘Tricky Art of Memoir’ at NYT June 16, 2017: Although Sherman Alexie’s no stranger to discerning readers of contemporary lit, even the most seasoned, well-educated fans will find new reasons to celebrate the activist artist’s rise [...] by

Sherman Alexie Discusses His New Memoir June 2, 2017: Sherman Alexie’s interview with Alden Mudge appears in print in the June issue of BookPage, but Literary Hub has kindly posted a digital version for your perusal. Alexie, the author of several [...] by

Adrian C. Louis Named ‘Angriest Indian Poet’ May 26, 2016: Indian Country Today reports the Angriest Indian Poet Award goes to Adrian C. Louis, a poet who Sherman Alexie calls “profane, angry, and in deep love with this sad-ass world. He is the primary [...] by

Sherman Alexie Rates Favorites at The Atlantic October 20, 2015: What’s the poem that made Sherman Alexie “want to drop everything?” The Atlantic sure would like to know. Alexie speaks with Joe Fassler and tells all: […] For Alexie, a [...] by

Michael Derrick Hudson’s Problematic Turn as Yi-Fen Chou September 8, 2015: The troublesome pseudonym just got more troublsym. At The Rumpus, Brian Spears details the storm “set off by the bio in Best American Poetry 2015 of Michael Derrick Hudson, who has been [...] by

Sherman Alexie, Editor of The Best American Poetry 2015, on Editorial Process September 8, 2015: Sherman Alexie guest edits the 2015 iteration of the popular poetry series The Best American Poetry. At The Best American Poetry blog, he shares his thoughts about publication within the series [...] by

You’re Not The Only One: Sherman Alexie Tells NYT He Would Like to go on a First Date with Dorothy Parker, ‘Get Verbally Eviscerated’ November 8, 2013: Thanks, NYT, for getting the scoop on one of our favorite poets and fiction writers, Sherman Alexie. We love hearing what poets read, where they read, and who they have a crush on! Read on: Describe [...] by

‘I’m in the reservation of my mind’: Sherman Alexie’s Early Inspiration October 17, 2013: Turns out, Sherman Alexie wasn’t always a committed poet and writer. In fact, his early aspirations were to teach high school and coach basketball. We’re all very glad that he encountered [...] by

Banning it is stupid because… September 24, 2013: City Lights gives it to us straight on this Banned Books Week. In a post aptly titled “Banning Books Is Idiotic. Here’s Why” the editors offer up their take on the stupidity behind [...] by