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‘Stand Up’ with Cathy Park Hong & Mores McWreath at The New Museum March 21, 2013: In conjunction with the “Stand Up” symposium on March 30, the New Museum is hosting “The Rub,” a collaborative online chapbook by Cathy Park Hong and the video artist Mores [...] by

An Inquiry into the Terms of Taste: Sianne Ngai’s Our Aesthetic Categories October 31, 2012: Another awesome review from the Los Angeles Review of Books, whose Rebecca Ariel Porte writes about Sianne Ngai’s newest book, Our Aesthetic Categories (Harvard University Press 2012), which [...] by

Poets House Gets Kitschy October 16, 2012: It’s either awesomely avant or it’s kitsch… or kitsch is avant?… or avant is kitsch?… Well, if you’re confused too and in New York on October 20th, head over to [...] by

Three Proposals February 24, 2010: 1. Not let this story dry For the past year I have been periodically watching Glenn Beck. I am fascinated by Beck for many reasons that also repulse me. Beck, like any number of right-wing pundits, [...] by