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Want to Avoid Suffocating After Serving Ten Years as UK Poet Laureate? Here’s How! May 19, 2015: Well, if you’re Sir Andrew Motion, you move to the US and become professor of the arts at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. That’s one way, as reported by BBC News. Of his decision [...] by

What Poetry is Stored in the U.K.’s Memory? September 24, 2014: A new study, spearheaded by Andrew Motion and a team of researchers at Cambridge University, sets out to survey individuals across the U.K. to find out “what poetry is stored in our nation’s [...] by

Sir Andrew Motion’s Poem Memorization Competition December 10, 2012: Remember when you used to memorize poems in school. Of course you don’t! That’s because you didn’t have Sir Andrew Motion showing you how it’s done. From The Telegraph: [...] by

Former British Poet Laureate on Expansion of England’s National Parks September 13, 2012: See this article in The Guardian about Sir Andrew Motion and his appeal to “expedite proposed extensions to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales national parks, so that they join at the [...] by