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Blaine Greteman on ‘Poetry in the Age of Trump’ November 18, 2016: Just two months until Trump’s presidency is a reality and already it’s shaping conversation in courses about poetry, which—as Blaine Greteman writes, quoting W.H. Auden—”makes [...] by

Stephen Burt Close-Reads Allan Peterson’s ‘Epigraph’ September 9, 2016: Stephen Burt looks at a particular poem by Florida visual artist and poet Allan Peterson for Slate, writing that the lines of “Epigraph” “say how he sees the world: literally how he [...] by

Gertrude Stein’s Children’s Book is Pretty Much What Slate Expected August 17, 2016: Children’s literature and poetry bibliophiles can agree on at least one thing: Gertrude Stein’s children’s book The World is Round is predictably genius. Via Slate: Lucy Sprague [...] by

Adverb Showdown! June 6, 2016: At Slate, Colin Dickey counters Christian Lorentzen’s strident New York Mag diatribe “Could We Just Lose Adverbs (Already)” with his own similarly strident “Adverbs Are [...] by

Act Natural: Emily Dickinson’s Verse at Play in the Garden May 20, 2016: In a new article at Slate, Ferris Jabr delves into Emily Dickinson’s verse garden and its creatures, suggesting that “so much depends,” in her writing, on botanical environment. [...] by

Slate Reports on the ‘Star-Studded’ Academy of American Poets Gala May 9, 2016: Jay Deshpande continues the brave work of bringing poetry to mainstream media venues by writing up the Academy of American Poets gala for Slate. Held annually at Lincoln Center and now in its 14th [...] by

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson (1958–2016) April 22, 2016: We can’t believe he’s gone. At Slate, Katy Waldman extolls the virtues of his thankfully timeless lyrics: “Saturated in color, wild with bizarre imagery, they overload the senses [...] by

Slate Picks Love Poetry Guaranteed to Help You… February 12, 2016: If you haven’t heard, Valentine’s Day approacheth. It seems to happen every year? Weird. Anyway, Slate has picked out some l o v e p o e m s for you lovecats to enjoy when you’re [...] by

Goodnight Moon, Good Morning Gertrude Stein December 7, 2015: If you’ve ever wondered why you’re intrigued by both Gertrude Stein and the beloved children’s book Goodnight Moon, the mystery is solved for you this morning, thanks to Anne E. [...] by

The Prison Dictionary Illuminates a Private, Institutional Language July 8, 2015: “[W]hen a group of inmates put their private language under a microscope, they realized the way they use language reflects years of institutional history and serves as a unique window onto [...] by