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To Print or Not to Print? December 19, 2013: Are digital publications running like bandits to the fledging world of print culture? At Jacket Copy, Matt Pearce surveys the scene. “What do journalists, CEOs and senior citizens have in [...] by

What Do Ancient Book-Makers, 2 Pixar Alums, and E-Book Publishing Have in Common? December 12, 2013: Vellum! That’s right poetry peeps, there’s a new game in town. Pixar Alums Brad West and Brad Andalman have teamed up to launch (like, today!) a new, Macintosh-based App to help authors [...] by

Welcome to the Golden Age October 7, 2013: You’ve maybe heard of The Golden Age of Paraphernalia, but did you know that we are currently in the midst of the golden age of indie publishing? Flavorwire lists twenty-five independent [...] by

Welcome to Ann Arbor, Literati! September 5, 2013: A new book store recently opened its doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan– with small press publishers and community on its mind! John Bohn of the Michigan Daily reports on the opening of Literati. In [...] by

Small Press Publishers Are Kicking Amazon’s *$%! July 23, 2013: As in any whodunit mystery, readers have been left to wonder who is kicking Amazon’s virtual behind when it comes to bargains on small press samplings? the Guardian’s response: small [...] by

LA Times Profiles Ken Baumann on the Writing + Publishing + Hollywood Life May 10, 2013: LA Times’ Carolyn Kellogg profiles Ken Baumann in this week’s Jacket Copy. Baumann is star of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (an ABC Family sit-com), the publisher of Sator [...] by