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Little Lamb, Who Made Thee January 7, 2016: The pathology report was terrifying. It said the primary tumor was ugly: highly aggressive triple negative breast cancer, necrotic, reproducing at a rate beyond fast. And my friends, many of them [...] by

Small Press Traffic Hosts ENDLESS SUMMER!! June 8, 2015: Are you ready? It’s time for Small Press Traffic’s annual barbecue-marathon-reading- fundraiser: Endless Summer! This year it takes place on June 27th. Out of towners can virtually [...] by

Field Report From Field Report: Robin Tremblay-McGaw on Bay Area Event With De’Ath, Tamayo & Troyan March 23, 2015: Robin Tremblay-McGaw continues her turn as the best field reporter in the Bay Area, with this blog post on X Poetics about the March 1 meeting of feminist minds, co-sponsored by Small Press Traffic [...] by

Salute Your: Small Press Traffic! November 17, 2014: Small Press Traffic has been a living, breathing eco-system of radical poets and writers in the Bay Area for the past FORTY YEARS! FORTY! That’s right. What other radiant literary circle [...] by

24/7 Gender is Hard: Cheena Marie Lo on the Poetics of Both and Neither May 3, 2014: Cheena and I became friends after I participated in a poetry reading at their house in 2011. Since then, we have moved to new parts of town, changed jobs while still remaining friends. In 2012 Cheena [...] by

David Buuck on Karen Brodine for Small Press Traffic’s New 40×40 Series February 27, 2014: Now up for Small Press Traffic’s new 40×40 Series, in which, they tell us, “40 writers [will] contribute one short text each celebrating—describing, anatomizing, remembering an [...] by

Small Press Traffic presents… Online Workshops with Dana Ward and CAConrad! January 31, 2014: San Francisco–and Cincinnati– and Philadelphia– come straight to you courtesy of Small Press Traffic’s upcoming online writing workshops. February is all about CA [...] by

Support These Do-Gooders: Small Press Traffic! December 12, 2013: Yes, that’s right. Small Press Traffic, the literary arts non-profit based in San Francisco since 1974, is gearing up for its FORTIETH BIRTHDAY. Holy smokes, Robyn! Help Small Press Traffic [...] by

Be Astonishing! Small Press Traffic’s Poets Theater Deadline Extended to October 22nd October 17, 2013: Heard of the Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater? Know about Steve Orth and Lindsey Boldt’s play, “Dating by Consensus“? Yes, that’s right: Small Press Traffic in San Francisco [...] by

Surfing Our Way to the Endless Summer June 27, 2013: Small Press Traffic’s marathon fundraiser event, Endless Summer, is on the horizon. This two-day event in Oakland and Berkeley, on June 29th and 30th, promises to feature—as the [...] by