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A Look into In Clipping Signal May 29, 2014: A few weeks ago the Harriet staff took a field trip to check out Spudnik Press’s latest exhibition, In Clipping Signal, at The Annex. We were so delighted by the work, the curation, and [...] by

In Clipping Signal: An Exhibition of Collages by Poets March 25, 2014: Lest you think the only thing poets are good for is making poems, the good folks at Spudnik Press’s Annex are cutting and pasting together a show of collages by poets—and it’s a damn [...] by

Talk a Walk, Get Some Poem Fodder June 26, 2013: If you’re in Chicago and want to step out into the world to collect poem materials, head to the Annex at Spudnik Press on July 14th to take a class and a walk. John Rich, founding member of [...] by

Trip & Return at Printers Ball 2013! June 19, 2013: We’re counting down the days (hours, minutes!) to July 27th at noon-sharp when Printers Ball 2013 launches. This year the event will be an all-day affair at Spudnik Press, and it’ll host [...] by

You Too Can Learn to Write Surrealist Poetry June 18, 2013: No, it’s not bootcamp, but it is a fantastic way to automate the poetry side of your brain. This Thursday the Annex at Spudnik Press is offering a workshop in surrealist poetry. Surrealist [...] by

Avant Garde Journalism February 11, 2013: We were stumbling around the interwebs and came upon this item that should be exciting for all you avant garde sleuths out there—Avant Garde Journalism: Experiments in the Every Day. Yes, [...] by

Start the New Year with Poetic Dictation December 19, 2012: Chicago friends! Now is your chance to let your aeolian harp sing like a mofo. Spudnik Press will be hosting a one-day workshop called “Automatic Writing: A Surreal Spin on Poetry.” A [...] by