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Brooklyn Rail Applauds Szymaszek’s Journal of Ugly Sites February 7, 2017: Stacy Szymaszek’s Journal of Ugly Sites & Other Journals is a book about the self, Chris Campanioni writes in this Brooklyn Rail web exclusive. The notebook, a rigorous catalog of the [...] by

Poetic Journalism With Stacy Szymaszek December 28, 2016: While we were snoozing, over at the Rumpus Brandi Homan was hitting the beat and getting the story on Stacy Szymaszek’s latest book from Fence, Journal of Ugly Sites & Other Journals. [...] by

The Village Voice Gravitates Toward the Poetry Project Upon Its 50th Anniversary December 15, 2016: The Village Voice’s Jennifer Krasinski melts your hearts with “The Poetry Project’s Half-Century of Dissent.” In a feature that will guide you to the Project’s annual New [...] by

Must-Read: Francesca DeMusz Interviews Stacy Szymaszek July 1, 2016: Our pal Francesca DeMusz interviewed Stacy Szymaszek for Lit Hub yesterday. Szymaszek’s new book, Journal of Ugly Sites and Other Journals, is recently out from Fence, and is “an active [...] by

Congratulations to the 2014 Queer/Art/Mentorship Fellowship Winners! October 23, 2014: The results are in! NYC’s Queer/Art/Mentorship announces the winners of 2014 Fellowships! To create and sustain community among queer artists across the five boroughs, each year, the [...] by

Work. Part Two April 12, 2013: To follow up on my previous post, I’ve gathered some thoughts on work from a few of my favorite poets living here in New York, all of whom happen to have interesting and demanding full-time [...] by

Keeping Public Forums Vital Is an Art in Itself: OmniVerse Features a Conversation with EtherDome Press and Stacy Szymaszek August 29, 2012: Lots of neat things going on at Omnidawn’s OmniVerse, including the recent feature, this time edited by Sara Mumolo–in general it’s “a conversation with the publisher of a [...] by

Queer Poets Write Letters to Their Younger Selves July 18, 2012: Guess we can’t get enough of Stacy Szymaszek, nor her friends at the Academy of American Poets site, at which is published a great feature (reprinted from The Letter Q) called “Queer [...] by

Queering Art, According to Stacy Szymaszek and Jess Barbagallo July 17, 2012: BOMBLOG has a great interview with poet and Artistic Director of the Poetry Project Stacy Szymaszek and downtown performance mainstay and writer Jess Barbagallo–the two of them have been [...] by

And what // do I love in loving thee? April 20, 2010: Chandler and Price, first series, platen press, ca. 1915 By luck, by love, by affinity Poetry magazine receives reams of poetry weekly. Earlier this year, Brian Teare of Albion Books had the (lovely) [...] by