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Great Conversation With Stephanie Barber at BOMB August 24, 2015: Over at BOMB Magazine, a conversation with Stephanie Barber. “[W]hether she is operating in film or installation or poetry or prose, she constructs worlds that are kinetic, strange, and [...] by

Post-Poetry, Part 5: LulzPo, Avant-Comic, YA Poetry Mix-Tape May 1, 2015: With a tip of the hat to Elaine Kahn and her mix-tape posts on Harriet, here’s a mix-tape of some of my favorite comic poems. I’m calling these selections LulzPo, or avant-comic, and YA [...] by

My Poetry Picks for 2013 December 11, 2013: 1. Stephanie Barber, Night Moves (Publishing Genius Press) A transcription (copy & paste, more accurately) of the YouTube comment stream for Bob Seger’s famous 1976 song. Somewhere between [...] by

Rachael Rakes Reviews Stephanie Barber’s First Feature, Daredevils November 7, 2013: Poet, performer, and filmmaker Stephanie Barber has made her first feature-length film, Daredevils, which premiered recently at the New York Film Festival. Rachael Rakes has reviewed it for The [...] by

‘Is There a Masculine Genius?’ Three New Conceptual Works Reviewed by Blake Butler July 1, 2013: At Vice, Blake Butler looks at conceptual writing with the help of three new books he’s taken pleasure in: Vanessa Place’s Boycott (Ugly Duckling Presse), Kenneth Goldsmith’s Seven [...] by

A Film a Day for Sondheim Prize Finalist Stephanie Barber at the Baltimore Museum of Art July 8, 2011: HTMLGIANT points us to Stephanie Barber in her studio in a museum. The poet, artist and filmmaker is in residence at the Baltimore Museum of Art (she’s been there since June 25 and will [...] by