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Amodern 4: The Poetry Series Collects Writings on Readings, Avant Sound Archives, Listening, Recording, Performance, Resonance, & On… March 31, 2015: Thanks to the evidently tireless work of Michael Nardone and editors Jason Camlot and Christine Mitchell, Amodern 4: The Poetry Series is out and features an incredible collection of writings on [...] by

Palmette August 25, 2014: David Larsen is the Swiss Army knife of friends. Poet, Arabist, visual artist, classicist, guerilla chef and hip-hop whiz, he’s that “gateway” person who turns you on to interests you didn’t [...] by

Classic Breakup August 18, 2014: Why do bands break up? Why is the breakup (and inevitable reunion) such a durable pop trope? Is it part of the essential disposability of culture under capitalism? That groups should fade, creating [...] by

Mapping the New Coast with Chris Funkhouser at Jacket2 May 7, 2014: At Jacket2 Chris Funkhouser reflects on his experience as an attendee at the New Coast Festival, organized by Juliana Spahr and Peter Gizzi at SUNY-Buffalo in 1993. Charles Bernstein and I met for [...] by

The 2012 Attention Span List Is Up and Up September 27, 2012: The last time we had this much peer-to-peer nourishment, it was…uh, 2011. That’s right, it’s time for the great compiler of Maine Steve Evans’s annual ATTENTION SPAN! Rumor [...] by

Delighted Obstinacy: Steve Evans on Gertrude Stein June 13, 2011: Always grateful for a Steve Evans essay. In an extended post as part of The Steins Collect show at SFMOMA, the critic and professor writes today for Open Space about Gertrude Stein–expressing [...] by